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   NPEG - Nanopatterned Epitaxial Graphite

The NSF (NIRT) / Intel funded NPEG project at the Georgia Institute of Technology explores the properties of nanopatterened graphene. Ultrathin layers of graphite (from 1 to several dozen atoms think) are epitaxially grown on single crystal silicon carbide. The graphene layers are nanopatterend using standard lithography methods to produce electronically functional structures. Nanographene electronic properties are closely related to those of carbon nanotubes. Recent results include quantum coherence effects, a room temperature transistor-like device, and magneto-transport measurements showing room temperature mobilities exceeding 6000 cm^2 / V s

Molecular Beam Cluster Physics

Clusters are small agreggates of 2 - ~100,000 atoms held together by various cohesive forces. In many cases their electrical, magnetic, and optical properties differ significantly from those of the bulk material. They are a useful experimental platform for investigating the emergence of bulk properties and have the potential for many technological applications.